100 things about me

Here is a list of 100 things about me.  I got the idea from a friend, wherelifebecomesart, who got the idea from another blog.  I read both and thoroughly enjoyed reading them.  I hope others will find this enjoyable, or interesting, or at least not a waste of time.  This will be yet another work in progress, but I will try to complete it soon.

  1. I never wanted kids
  2. I am a mother to two unbelievable little boys, and want more i hoping for a girl next to round out our family!
  3. I want to have all my babies in the summer, because I always wanted a summer birthday…I was born in November. Chase:June, Bryce October….well atleast its fall 🙂
  4. I knew my husband was the person I was gonna marry the day I met him! We waited 6 years to get married because we both were previously engaged.
  5. I married an incredible man….strong, loyal, loving, funny as all get out and most of all he is an incredible father! 
  6. I feel very blessed most days 🙂 
  7. I have no tattoos and probably will never get one, fear of needles, but having a baby has changed my fear a bit maybe I will get one…who knows…but it HAS to be something dear to my heart…not just a random object!
  8. I hate working out, but am learning to love it! Update I no longer hate working out I LOVE IT!
  9. I am a total Daddy’s girl! 
  10. I love to go and drink with girlfriends and catch up on each others lives 🙂 
  11. I LOVE having a crazy night out every once in awhile..like coming home as the sun is coming up..but it is more difficult now! 
  12. I can’t go to a Cardinals game without having a really cold beer and a hot dog!
  13. I can’t live without Starbucks! Update i can live without Starbucks trying to be healthier 🙂
  14. My husband and I can read each others minds..I am serious it is weird!
  15. I may seem innocent but I have been known to do some pretty crazy things 😛
  16. I still have my wild moments!!!!!!!
  17. I’d like to learn how to pole dance!
  18. I went to Ireland and loved everything about it…it was very emotional knowing my ancestors walked those same streets!
  19. I LOVE CHICKEN WING DIP, but only mine….ha ha
  20. My husband recently lost 50 pounds and it is like we just started dating again…if you get my drift 🙂 
  21. I want to start running in marathons!
  22. My friend Jessie, my mom & Jay are my inspiration for running!
  23. I want a beautiful house in Chesterfield on a good chunk of land someday!
  24. I also want a huge home at the Lake! And a boat!
  25. I have a cat…Ginger she is 12 Update she lives with a friend that loves her more than i could 😦
  26. I also have a dog….Mia she is also 12 Update she passed away in December 😦
  27. I am a GREAT listener!
  28. I feel like I am a great friend to certain people, but a good friend to many!
  29. My husband and I bought a house in 2007 that I love!
  30. We haven’t had to do much to our house it was pretty much perfect! 
  31. The only changes I want to make to our house is…hard wood floors (CHECK), new fixtures for the bathrooms, and to build a hearth room off our bedroom…then it would truly be perfect in my mind:) 
  32. My father is a rock star! He has traveling around the world and with some of the most famous people ever! 
  33. My best friend and I used to sit around and listen to stories about my dad when he was touring! 
  34. He has performed in front of 50,000 people :O
  35. I have never broken a bone in my body!
  36. I played Varsity soccer in HS, but havent played since 😦
  37. I only gained 29 pounds with my first pregnancy and 17 with the second and had two great pregnancies! 
  38. I tan so easily…thanks MOM!
  39. After I am done having children I am getting a boob job! 
  40. My sons mean more to me than anything in this world! 
  41. It makes me soooo mad that babysitters are so expensive these days.
  42. I was so scared I wouldn’t be a good mom before I had kids! 
  43. I love country music.
  44. I also love Southern Rock..I am obsessed!
  45. Greg Allman, Lynard Skynard, Kansas…r some of my favorites
  46.  If certain songs come on the radio I have to blast it and sing at the top of my lungs! My boys do it too!
  47. I actually have a great voice, but I must have a few drinks to do karaoke!
  48. I have natural brown hair, but I dye it almost Blonde. Update its SUPER DARK NOW AND I LOVE IT!
  49. I love being a blonde….not anymore 🙂
  50. I am allergic to mold 
  51. I don’t wear make-up usually.
  52. but I look sooo much better with make-up
  53. I drink wine when I am stressed!
  54. I eat Jack in the Box tacos almost EVERYDAY, not anymore like i said eating healthier!
  55. I hate to cook! UPDATE I no longer hate to cook I LOVE IT AND HAVE BECOME QUITE GOOD AT IT!
  56. I love being anywhere warm! 
  57. I despise cold weather! 
  58. I feel like I am a really chill mom.
  59. Our family feels perfect but I want more children.
  60. I have a little brother that is almost 30 and a little brother that is almost 4 years old!
  61. My parents got divorce when I was 28 
  62. I am stingy when it comes to money!
  63. My husband thinks I am obsessed with the internet..nah 🙂 He’s right!
  64. My husband amazes me at how hard he is willing to work!
  65. I’m a germ freak about somethings and yet not others.
  66. I love shopping for my boys!! 
  67. I am learning the older I get how dear girlfriends are! 
  68. I really love my life!
  69. I love when God works in my life so obviously!
  70. I want to go back to school for interior design
  71. I hated school, but I think I would like it now
  72. I partied more than I studied in school
  73. I wish I would have gotten my degree than but I was not focused! 
  74. I enjoy decorating friends homes! 
  75. I used to be a very mess person, but I’ve improved greatly over the years.
  76. Even though it can be hard, I LOVE being a stay at home mom.
  77. I wish my husband REALLY understood what that entailed but he doesn’t. Update he is starting too 🙂
  78. Jay actually has a job harder than mine (oh yes, he really does), and I think that’s why he has trouble understanding my strife
  79. But we make a GREAT team, we each do our thing for our family, and it works.
  80. I love Facebook!
  81. I love going and buying swimming suits I have 18
  82. I love diamonds… especially my wedding ring!
  83. I love to travel! 
  84. I’ve been to Ireland, Mexico, Jamaica, Hawaii, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and a ton of US states.
  85. I am OBSESSED with any form of self-help books…for me, our marriage and especially our boys!
  86. I am really searching for the perfect church….Does that exist?
  87. My boys make me laugh daily…
  88. and also want to pull my hair out daily 🙂
  89. My mom and I weren’t very close when I was younger but she is one of my best friends now!
  90. I love that all my close friends are having friends now…they understand now 🙂



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