Posted by: irishmama78 | October 16, 2014


So I went to the oncologist yesterday and unbeknownst to me, I actually have breast cancer. It’s a very gray area bc the type of Cancer I have is DCIS, which is a stage 0, and is considered “pre-cancerous” but it’s still cancer 😦

it was a shock and a huge blow, I went in for genetic testing and came out with a cancer diagnosis 😦

Needless to say my first reaction was ANGER, why was I not told by my surgeon, why do I have to go through more surgery, and gosh darn it why is this happening!!!

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday that said “Everything you are going through is repairing you for what you ask for” WOW, DID I ASK FOR THIS???

I know God has a plan for me, I know my ways are not His, I need to give all my worries and fears to Him!! It’s just easier said then done sometimes!!

This cancer if completely treatable, but the road ahead is scary and frightening! I have an amazing support system……My husband is a GOD-Send, my mother is my rock, my father is my empathy and soul and my ANGEL women are my crutch to keep me standing. I am truly blessed without measure.

We are off to see the surgeon today about my lumpectomy surgery, and to bombard him with questions, tomorrow is the meeting with the oncologist to go thru her game plan, so I hope after the next few days I will have some sort of peace thru this all………GOD WILLING!


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