Posted by: irishmama78 | October 16, 2014

Surgeon Appoinment

Feeling a little better today, I met with the surgeon today so here is how I am feeling now…….. I am kinda leaning towards just getting a bilateral mastectomy, bc he said it could take 2-3 lumpectomy’s to get it all and I would still have to do radiation 6 weeks, 5 days a week…for 30 total 😢👎
And a hormone drug that has horrible side effects for 5 YEARS!!!! 😳
And that still may not keep it away, and even though there isn’t anything in the left it doesn’t mean it won’t down the line.
Also if I only get the right done, why go through all that pain and surgery to get one done it just doesn’t seem to make sense….but it’s still all just a whirl wind of info.
Maybe after tomorrow with the oncologist I will finally get the peace I so need 🙏🙏

Feeling overwhelmed but POSITIVE BC I know that one way or the other life is going to be ok and I am strong even though some days I don’t always feel that way!
It’s just a weird thing to think on September 4th I was walking into get my first mammogram ever and here I am 42 days later…..biopsy, lumpectomy, cancer diagnosis and considering a mastectomy…….wow a lot can change very quickly!

I know God has a plan for me, and I know I have asked many times what is my purpose in life, but truly even though this is scary as hell………I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT HE HAS IN STORE FOR ME!!! My Heavenly Father always has a plan, it’s just not always the plan we think it should be……

“Everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for”

To quote my dad who put it great regarding this quote:
“you are so right…….. I’m always wanting Him to guide me in that direction that “I’VE” predetermined…… His angles are so different, you rarely see it coming ……. it’s like He gets you going in the opposite direction and you think….. “What is He doing….. this isn’t the way”?? ….. I guess that’s what He meant by “Your ways are not my ways”……. “



  1. I’m just so sad for you, but I know EXACTLY how you are feeling right now. But speaking as someone who only has 10 more treatments (out of 33) to go, let me assure you that it’s not that bad. I also will have to be on drugs for 5-10 years but I chose the one with the least side effects and they say that they are negligible these days. I would also consider getting a second opinion if I were you. I go to Patti Limpert at St Luke’s and she is one of the best breast surgeons in town, and they have this whole brand new state of the art Breast Center there that is amazing. I also have a good friend that works for one of the areas top plastic surgeons and I’m sure she could recommend someone for reconstructive surgery if you decide to have the mastectomies. Regardless, I know God will hold you close during this time and he has not abandoned you. Sometimes our blessings come through rain, as the song says. Look up the lyrics of this song. It has touched me many times during my battle.

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