Posted by: irishmama78 | November 3, 2014

Today was a good day

I have been interviewing Plastic surgeons, hoping and praying I find the right one!!!
The first one almost had me running screaming, he wanted to cut me straight across my breasts and take my nipples off…..MAJOR SCARING!!!
The next surgeon was so kind and said he would take good care of me! He made me feel better about the surgery, he wanted to do an incision under my left breast and the right use the scar from the lumpectomy. I felt good about him but the last doctor specialist in this type of surgery. So I wanted to see him first before I made my decision.
Boy am I glad I did. He was exactly what I needed, wanted and prayed for!!! He had a great heart, very kind and caring. He wants to do both incisions under each breast so no visible scaring and he said he would fix my lumpectomy scar so it’s smoother looking and best part I don’t have to have my nipples removed I keep mine!! So I will look the same maybe a little better😉
Feeling very blessed, I know that sounds weird but I try and make the best out of bad situations. If I have to go through this surgery I am going to have the best damn doctors I can get and I finally found them all!!!
Should find out in the next couple days when the BIG DAY is!!! 😁😁😁


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