Posted by: irishmama78 | November 8, 2014


Today is a BETTER day!! I found out they are moving my surgery date up, so it’s now November 26th, yes the day before thanksgiving but what better time to be thankful then to wake up Thursday morning cancer free!!! I am beyond blessed and emotionally drained to say the least.
We had some great friends of ours unbeknownst to us set up a donation account in my name, which really words can’t describe the answer to that prayer.
It’s not that JAY can’t work his but off and in a couple months have all that debt paid off but I need him right now, I need him by my side and I AM NOT SELFISH FOR THAT!!! He is so proud and so private this took SO MUCH for him to allow to happen….but in his words ……..who am I to deny these blessings……AMEN!
Life throws you curve balls that no one expects, but it’s how you react and accept those pitches that matter, I am eternally grateful to all those friends and family that have helped an any way and have shared the site…..I TRULY LOVE YOU ALL, thank you for making our lives just a bit less stressful!!!!


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