My Bucket List

So I totally stole this idea from a friend, but what a great idea!  This will be a work in progress, as it takes a lot of thought to put together a list like this.  So I will add to it regularly.

  1. Visit every state in the USA. (18 down)
  2. Go to Rome, Greece, Tahiti, Virgin Islands, Spain, Italy 
  3. Watch my grand-babies grow up
  4. Become a cleaner more organized house wife
  5. Go Back to School for interior design 
  6. Travel with Jay
  7. Continue Reading and growing
  8. Be more patient and learn to deal with my anger
  9. Not holding grudges aganist people that do me or my husband wrong 
  10. Remember time is precious, and live by that.
  11. Learn to save more
  12. Learn to speak a foreign language…maybe Italian 
  13. Learn to play an instrument….funny that I dont huh…maybe the piano 
  14. Have my boys be invovled in music, if they want to!
  15. Raise  strong, self confident, polite, gracious, grateful, respectful, sons.
  16. Become a better friend…we can always grow!
  17. Have a better spiritual life
  18. Get more involved in church
  19. Run a marathon
  20. Be creative and build great partnerships in our business, & be the best example of partnership in our company!
  21. Cooking class
  22. Dance Class (Salsa? Swing?)
  23. Kentucky Derby
  24. Cardinals Cubs Game at Wrigley
  25. Have a Weekend of Silence
  26. Tone my body up and get the body I have always wanted! Almost there!!!
  27. Visit the NYC for a weekend! Go to a broadway show.
  28. Keep a personal journal of experiences
  29. Learn to snowboard
  30. Learn to Ice Skate


  1. Well, I could help in a few areas. I trained for a half marathon. You probably want to start small and build. Sign up with a running group ….. like Fleet Feet so you are committed.

    I also know how to ice skate and could easily teach you that. I took piano lessons but I was a kid so that’s not going to help you.

    Your grandma Andree speaks and writes fluent Spanish. Once you learn that, I’ve been told Italian is close to it.

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